Monday, November 23, 2009

Wikipedia Project

Friday, Nov. 20, 3:17- look on both Google and Bing to find out how to make a revision. Fail.

Sunday, Nov. 22nd, 5:16- repeat previous task. I then figured out how to make a revision. I chose to make one on an article about my summer residence, Rockaway Beach in Queens NY. I made an edit to the education section of the article, then pressed save.

This assignment drove home just how easy it is to make revisions to articles. What I posted, although true, does not have much to do with the education in Rockaway. However it will stay up until someone decides it does not fit the rest of the section, however long that may take. I could have written something derogatory of offensive about Rockaway, and yet it would at least stay up for a few hours after posting my revision. This makes me truly wonder how much of the information on Wikipedia is believable.